Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pasta e Broccoli in Ray (Skate) Broth

Working with skate.  Never done that before.  Ate it once and really liked it.  I did end up taking some liberties with the recipe since it didn't indicate quantities for the parsley and olive oil.  Plus I'm not really sure what a "1/2 gallon glass of white wine" is.  Must be metric...

First things first: find the skate.  Called everyone I could think of:  Captain Marden's, James Hook, McKinnons. Any one of them can special order it  Finally drove down to HMart since they have a huge fish department.  I also needed a duck and some pork belly, but that's another story or two.  After some very nice bowl of YukGaeJang (Korean spicy beef soup) in the food court, I went in search of the skate.  Found some at the enormous fish counter, but there was a fellow in front of me who bought all the skate except for the last 2 pieces.  After much walking around I decided on some flounder as well, thinking it might be a good substitute if one couldn't find skate.  Then home with all my goodies.

And now the cooking commences!  The flounder version is on the left, skate on the right.

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  1. Having taste tested both versions, I have to say that the Skate version was superior. The Flounder version was good, but not up to the level of the Skate. I've never had Skate before, and this was an outstanding introduction. Yum.